Is the slight mix of several cultures in the Philippines an benefit or downside to its tourist sector?

Query by charlie c: Is the minor combine of many cultures in the Philippines an gain or drawback to its vacationer sector?
A lot of travellers commit their difficult-attained money in or to get that as soon as-in-a-life time unique knowledge to a completely different world. Other individuals desire the convinient and familiar. Is the Philippine culture exotic ample to entice droves of cultural vacationers away from a tourism chief these kinds of as Thailand or are there adequate vacationers for whom the Philippine tradition is a very good ample blend?

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Solution by warrior is a youngster
you reckon? yes i believe so. the blended lifestyle in the philippines could be an benefit. partly since, foreigners would uncover it simpler to go to areas the place their fellows have been to. and partly because other folks are a bit adventurous in some way so they try new and thrilling places which they’ve only seen from the media.

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